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Fandango UI Redesign




Fandango is a website where movie lovers would like to purchase tickets electronically through their websites in the hope to avoid long lines at theatres. Users are now on their phones and computers most of the time, finding it more convenient to buy their tickets online as it saves time and is more economical. Users are also fond of rewards when it comes to their membership giving them the motivation to swipe the card and earn those rewards such as free movies, merch or going to a red carpet event. 


Responsibilities: UX Research 


Tools: Figma | Miro | Google Docs | Google Survey | Google Sheets | Zoom | Github



Louise Enriquez:UX Researcher

Nadia Granata: UI Designer


2 1/2 weeks to complete

Why Fandango


The problem with Fandango is that the Call To Action instructs users' to buy movie tickets, there's no smooth and secure transition window that allows them purchase movie tickets online. This leads to confusion,and lack of trust for the users' to buy tickets from Fandango's website as it is marketed as a third party site with the intention for a fast and efficient beating the long lines at a local movie theatre. Furthermore, the muted color palette results in a poor visual interaction with the website and lackluster.

What is Wrong with Fandango


No Clear Call To Action

  1. No clear action

  2. Link to purchase tickets can be confusing

  3. Too many Hyperlinks


Too much White Space

  1. Muted colour palette

  2. does not have a movie site aesthetic

  3. Turn off brightness and turn on Dark mode


Too many Ads

  1. Links are distracting

  2. No specific spot to anchor

  3. What are the purpose for the ads


Does not have users attention

  1. Website has no purpose

  2. Font Styles are inconsistent

  3. Visual Content are not where they are suppose to be 

Research Process

1 stakeholder

Fandango is our stakeholder for this project

6 interviews

We were able to get six voluntary participants for our interviews

26 Survey Responses

We got 26 anonymous participants to answer our survey and were to get amazing KPI's for our project.

Key Interview Insights

After documenting and getting our participants' insights... My colleague and I went into Miro and started to do the layout work of our Observation Key Insights.

  1. Users' Prefer to buy their online tickets at the movie theatres website

  2. Collecting points with the reward of perks help users' come back to the site to purchase movie tickets

  3. Membership plans will be considered for purchase as long as it is within reasonable price.

  4. If movie theatre is associated or affiliated with a streaming service; it is a bonus to the user as they can also watch it at the comfort of their own home.


Observation Insights

With the Observation Insights, we intend to focus on what needs to be improved on the website as the redesign must attract more users to buy tickets from Fandango instead of the local theatres as it will help beat those long wait times. We also intend to make Fandango fully interactive with a movie-theme aesthetic. 

  1. More live interactions with the website

  2. Dark mode movie aesthetic theme

  3. Minimal ads as it is distracting

  4. Remove unnecessary hyperlinks that are not related to the site

  5. give clear call to action buttons

  6. Consistent font styles and bolded

  7. Smooth and secure payment transactions


Frequency of Response


Affinity Diagram


User Persona

User Persona.png

Alyssa's Journey Map

01-User Journey Template.png
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